National Diploma in Christian Ministry & Leadership

Module Descriptions

Old Testament Survey

Students will be introduced to the general themes, major theological emphases and survey of the content of selected books from each part of the Old Testament.

Personal Development for Ministry

This module teaches principles and practices enabling students to deepen their own spiritual

Bi-Vocational Ministry

The aim of this module is to help students to discover how to balance the demands of

New Testament Survey

This module surveys selected New Testament literature, introducing students to various methodologies and contextualizes New Testament issues to our contemporary Zimbabwean society.

Christian Theology

This module (course) comprises a survey of Christian theology and a treatment of some notable individual theologians which influenced Christian theology.

Christian History & Thought

This module is a study of the major people, events and movements of church history from the apostolic era to 1500AD and  is designed to familiarise students with the social, religious, economic and political developments that took place in the history of the Church in the first 1500 years. 

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

This module equips students in the inductive method of Bible study, emphasising the historical setting, authorship and purpose of each book as well as applying the three major steps in inductive study.

Church Life & Ministry

This module examines the place of pastors/elders and congregation members in terms of both communal identity and societal influence, exploring aspects of church life, leadership and impact upon the larger societal community.

African Traditional Religion

This module explores the interaction between African traditional Religions and Christianity in the present Zimbabwean context and explores contextual models that could be employed to root the Christian faith in Zimbabwe.


This module introduces the art and science of expository preaching, fosters appreciation of its value as well as providing the essential tools to develop correct exegetical, hermeneutical and homiletical skills to preach in a contextually relevant manner.

DRS202 Further Studies in the Old Testament

In this module (course) students will study a smaller section or a book of the Old Testament.

DRS213 Further Studies in the New Testament

In this module (course) students will study a smaller section or a book of the New Testament.

World Religions & Ideologies

This module surveys the major world religions and ideologies, explores their primary texts and enables students to critically assess their major teachings and practices from a biblical worldview.

Christian Ministry & Community Transformation

Church Awakening: Part 1 seeks to empower the learner to help the church to transform herself and her immediate community in holistic development using God given and available resources in a sustainable manner.

Church and Community description: Part 2 empowers the learner/church to examine their history and current situation which helps to identify the root causes of the present situation.


This module provides students with a Bible-based philosophy of care and counselling, weaving together theoretical knowledge with practical application to a variety of real-life situations.

Leadership & Church Administration

This module exposes students to the value of good leadership and administration in organisations and enables students to understand the essential elements of effective leadership in a variety of leadership styles as well as recognise potential leadership pitfalls.