Foundations Certificate in Biblical Ministry

Module Descriptions

FC01 Introduction to the Old Testament

This module offers a broad overview and survey of the Old Testament, with special emphasis on the Covenants and key people. The primary focus is the theme of redemption and God’s plan of salvation.

FC02 Life of Christ

This module presents the life, ministry and uniqueness of Jesus Christ. It presents the issues He faced, the teachings He gave, and the life He lived. Most of all, it portrays His uniqueness as both human and divine.

FC03 Introduction to the New Testament

This module continues the Trinity’s redemptive story that began in the Old Testament and comes to its grand conclusion in the Book of Revelation.

FC04 Doctrine

In this module, students will study doctrinal subjects such as: The Bible, the nature of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, humanity, salvation, the Church, angels and the future.

FC05 Biblical Interpretation

This module will introduce the basic principles and practices of Biblical interpretation. Students will learn comprehension and obedience to the Word of God so that its meaning is clear and its significance can be applied to their life and those around them.

FC06 Preaching

The focus of this module is to present God’s word with clarity, accuracy, application and impact. 

FC07 Leadership

This module explores biblical leadership, first by examining Jesus’ life and then the lives of other leaders in Scripture.

FC08 Healthy Church

This module focuses on the biblical principles that are indicative of a healthy church.

FC09 Community Transformation

This module is a biblical overview of the work of the church in society.