Entrance Requirements

In order to qualify for entrance into HTC it is required that the prospective student be a professing Christian whose Christian character has been demonstrated and observed in the context of the local church. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s church leadership or pastor to this effect is considered essential and therefore required.

For students who want to work towards a Certificate or a Diploma in Theology, the minimum requirements are 5 O Levels, one of which must be English Language as English is the primary means of communication at HTC. There are no academic requirements for the foundational certificates. Similarly, those who merely wish to attend a class for non-academic purposes do not have to have O Levels.

Exceptions can be made for an applicant who does not have the necessary academic entrance requirements. In this case the applicant will need to be a mature adult (30+ years for men and 27+ years for women) with suitable proficiency in English (an exam will be given to test this), and significant ministry experience (3 years minimum).

All prospective students will be expected to come to HTC for an interview before an admissions committee once all documentation has been completed and submitted. After the prospective student has been interviewed, a final decision will be made on the suitability of the applicant for studies at HTC. A letter from the Registrar will notify the applicant of the admissions committee’s decision.

All new students must attend a mandatory new student orientation held at the start of each term.