Education 5.0

The National program, Education 5.0, is explained here.


Harare Theological College believes that theological education is essential to the development of a better Zimbabwe.  Teaching provides one of the foundational presuppositions of our philosophy of education as we seek to create astute intellectually-competent theologians.


Theological research is essential to theological education.  Harare Theological College is committed to producing students who can think critically, engage with culture, conduct world-class research, and contribute to relevant regional and global conversations.

Community Involvement

Community service proves the relevance of theological education.  Harare Theological College exists to help students become competent practitioners who can apply biblical exegesis and theology to real world issues in the Zimbabwean context. 


Harare Theological College aspires to train students who can engage in theologically-relevant research, entailing the formulation of a research problem, gathering and analysing data, interacting critically with existing literature, resulting in a sustained logical argument that culminates in an innovative, provocative and persuasive conclusion.


Industrialisation forms the staple of a healthy economy.  Harare Theological College is committed to educating students who can theologically-appraise the principles and processes that stimulate meaningful industrial development.