Advanced Certificate in Theology

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The Advanced Certificate in Theology is awarded to students who complete 11 further courses after the Certificate in Theology.  The 11 courses must be chosen as follows:

Choose 6 courses from NQF levels 5 and 6:

God and Revelation*
ATR & Christianity in Africa
Church Life & Ministry
Intro to Philosophy & Logic*
World Religions
Pastoral Care & Counselling 1*
Expository Preaching 1*
Missiology & Church Planting
Christian Leadership*
1 Corinthians*
Pastoral Epistles

Choose 5 courses from NQF level 7:

Christ and Salvation*
The Spirit and the Church*
OT Prophetic Literature
Ministry Challenges in Zimbabwe
Christian Ethics* or Apologetics*
Pastoral Care & Counselling 2
Expository Preaching 2

* These courses are compulsory for students who want to transfer into the SATS degree programme

Each course is worth 12 credits, totalling 121 credits for the Advanced Certificate in Theology.